Better Choice for NY
A Better Choice for NY

Who Does the Governor Care About?

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VO (female):   Governor Cuomo's proposed budget  says a
lot about his priorities...and it's not good...

As schools struggle to keep teachers and programs,
Neighborhoods fight to maintain essential services,
and critical programs for the sick and poor are cut

Cuomo's state budget gives billionaires and bankers a windfall.

Who does the Governor care about?

New Yorkers in every part of the state are hurting.

We need jobs, so we can feed our children, and take care of our families.

But who does the Governor care about?

In his budget, super-wealthy families get a $750 million estate tax cut.

Wall Street banks get hundreds of million in new tax cuts

and working famiiies are left paying the bill

Who does the Governor care about?

Struggling New Yorkers and our hard hit communities deserve more from Governor Cuomo - with a budget that puts us ahead of the wealthy and well-connected

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