Better Choice for NY
A Better Choice for NY
State Budget Analysis Archives
Powerpoint presentation to Revenue Forum
5/15/08, Laura Anglin, Director, NYS Division of Budget

FPI/NYFF Executive Budget Presentation in Powerpoint

Upstate Revitalization Fund

Testimony on the 2008-09 Executive Budget - Human Services.
Submitted by FPI senior economist Trudi Renwick to the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Committees.

Testimony on the 2008-09 Executive Budget - Economic Development and Taxes.
Submitted by FPI executive director Frank Mauro to the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Committees.

Governor Spitzer Executive Budget Documents

Budget Testimony - Taxes and Economic Development
Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness

2008 Executive Budget Summary

Analysis of Corporate Tax Loophole closures proposed by the Governor

Testimony provided by NYFF on Economic Development and Taxes

Governor Spitzer’s Health Care Proposals: Radical Surgery, Arthroscopic
Surgery or Just Another Band-Aid? Where is Universal Health Care?

Fiscal Policy Institute
Balancing New York State's 2007-08 Budget in an Economically Sensible Manner (PDF).
Governor Eliot Spitzer's first executive budget is the focus of FPI's seventeenth annual budget briefing: a discussion of economic and fiscal context for the budget, and an analysis of the extent to which the budget helps the state's regions grow together and strengthens and expands the middle class.

2007-2008 TANF Spending Chart

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